The fall of EU

Things are really coming to an end. The entire system of the European Union is finished, realise it or not. The islamic invasion, because that is what it is, when you are swamped by a specific religious group and cannot turn them away again, is unfolding. The economic destruction of the EU countries, especially Greece and so on.

When we look at these things, we may turn around and ask ourselves, when did we realise it, and what did we do to stop it. Few are willing to do so, because to realise the problems that we are up against, you have to be exceptionally brave.

Few are so brave, and have the guts to do what is right. In the UK the tradition is political, mr. Winston Churchill is the beacon of an illustrious example. Being both liberal and conservative, and able to keep faith in a profoundly humanistic view of the world, he always ended up on the right side of the historical judgement. Always, as he did in the first and the second world war. In the first world war he supported Lawrence of Arabia and his dreams of a united and peaceful Middle East. The right choice. In the second world war he supported the democratic fight against nazism, the right choice. Note that in both wars, he sided with the Jews.

In this new contest between the European values of humanism and democracy against such ideas as sharia and the caliphate ruled by harsh justice, once again his descendants will side with the Jews. The Jews are fleeing Europe, because it is no longer safe here due to an islamist upheaval. In Malmø, a Swedish city just a long stone throw from Copenhagen, the Jewish actor, one of my favourites, mr. Kim Bodnia decided to stop his work there, due to fear of antisemitism.

The “refugees” we supported, because we felt bad about the fact, that the Jews slaughtered during the second world war, have become the persecutors of Jews. Talk about poetic justice.

This new threat calls for a new strategy, because as in the second world war, not all Germans were actually nazist, so not all muslims hate Jews, some really support Jews.

And not all muslims want to overthrow our civilisation, only some of them.

We need to be straight with this, and target the right enemies of the state and the Jews. History will judge us accordingly.

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