The light

I read Diodorus these days, a greek historian of the finest kind. I stumbled upon a description of the ancient Egyptian civilisation. A civilisation that has been an enduring inspiration to our own.

According to Diodorus, in Egypt it was customary to be lenient to criminals. But there were certain areas where egyptians were not lenient; that of the speaker of lies. To lie in egypt was a capital offence. Because if you lie, the entire system did not work. How can we work together, if we do not know what is going on. Hence the myth of the fight between light and darkness, light being truth.

In this area we as the West, is far behind our initial inspiration. The amount of lies and half-truths that is prevalent in the media and in public service is astounding. The appeasement has wrapped itself in lies.

I believe we should, as the Egyptians, be lenient against criminals and our enemies, we should not be excessive in our use of violence against them, and always find the least possible harmful way to fight them. But I think we should be much more harsh on ouselves. All the lies, all the half-truths should be condemned harshly. In Egypt you were executed outright if you were caught lying in court. Maybe that is too much for even us, but the quest for a more transparent and enlightened society should not be left unsettled. Let us be honest about the challenges we meet. Let us talk freely, because only through the light will we be saved.

G-d bless the will to be enlightened.

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