The honor

July 3rd, 2024

Let’s see if we can untangle the Gaza/Israel conflict.

Hamas basic demand is a ceasefire. From the beginning.

This makes sense, from their perspective, because that is an indication, that they may survive.

If they accept the peace treaty, that is on the table, they accept their own defeat, basically.

So, what is the most opportune in terms of reaching the goals of Israel?

It is to accept the terms, and then start the negotiations.

Because it is only an INTENTION. The war can start again, if the negotiations break down.

Yet it gives Hamas a road to some kind of survival.

Will it mean, that Israel has won?

Well, it depends on the definition of a win.

If the definition of a win is, to have the hostages back, then it is a win. If the definition is to eradicate Hamas, it’s a loss.

So, how do Israelis see it. Their first objective is to get the hostages home. If they get that, they will see it as a win.

Secondly it is the KEEP THE HONOR of Jews. What happened in the 7’october was, that the honor of Jews and the honor of Israel was questioned.

When the honor is restored, they are satisfied.

How do you do that?

You do it by giving back Hamas as they did to Israel.

So, if Hamas is seen as having been beat as much as Israel was. The balance is upheld.

This is REALLY, what the day after negotiations is about. Leveling out the pain that Israel has suffered.

So from that perspective, there is a path to peace. The negotiations must be conclusively in the effort to make both parties feel, that they are each being treated fairly.

This means, from the perspective of Hamas, that they keep the honor they have gained, but release the hostages.

G-d bless the will to find a way to make peace in the Israeli/Gaza war.

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