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July 3rd, 2024

One of my favourite writers is the Danish writer Wilhelm Grønbech, he SHOULD have been world famous, and probably would have been, if he didn’t write in only Danish.

Compared to a lot of the German writers, he has this keen insight, like a Nietzsche gone historian. His insight into the cultures of the world, is really amazing.

He is a scientist, yet he is all into cultural developments, and his feeling for the different cultures, combined with his deep, deep insight is truly world class.

Anyway, he has really delved into Indian culture, and has all these funny and insightful reflections on Western culture compared to the Upanishads.

I think he mentions that Schopenhauer also had some kind of interest into Indian culture as did Nietzsche with Iranian Zoroastrianism.

Anyway, Grønbech has this interesting comparison between Western culture with Indian culture in terms of happiness.

As I understand him (he is quite difficult as a read) he says that compared to Indian culture we in the West still have the HOPE of happiness. We get happiness in glimpses, and are thoroughly bitter on the fact, that we are not happy all the time. That happiness is such a fleeting feeling.

That is true, we are bitter, in many ways, because we see so little happiness, and that is just the way we are.

Hopefully this bitternees, can be alleviated over time, as our material conditions are improving. Then it is only our own organisation that defines our happiness, not lack of things.

Compared to this, the Indian folk soul is THOROUGHLY demotivated towards the life. He just KNOWS, that life is unfair, and is depressed, more or less the whole time.

BUT he has this understanding of the karmic wheel, that somehow propels him to good.

According to Indian understanding of Karma, Karma is not an ethical rule, it is simply how the world works. If you do good, it comes back to you.

So that is just how the world works.

So this really inspires the Indians to do good, because it will come back anyway.

Not only that, you carry your karmic burden to the next life as well. So if you do good, you elevate your soul and the next life will be better.

I dont know if it is truly like that, if there is such a rule. Yet, my experience is, that the more you go with the good guys, the better a life we have. BUT, being a good guy at the same time attracts the ire of all the bad guys. If you try to help someone, more often than not, the bad guys who have put them in the situation they are in, starts to get mad at you.

So being a good guy still gives you a lot of conflict.

But all in all, the fruits you reap of your labor are usually what you put into your life.

Going with the angels is a path that will lead to more happiness than if you go with the ego.

G-d bless the will to be one of the good guys.

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