The knife’s edge

Well, here we are, at the potential end of the European Union. Let me be clear about the cause of this crisis. It is not about extreme rightwing populism. It is the effect of very poor political work of the European Union, and the rest of the political establishment.

I mean, everybody knows, that the African countries are going through a slow decay in terms of statehood, and at the same time have birthrates that hit the roof.

In this situation, decreasing the civil security is perhaps not the best of strategies.

The obvious result will be a lot of chaos where innocent people lose their lives, and general mayhem is in abundance.

A little foresigt, and resolute planning could have avoided the situation.

Now we are entering the pivotal development that I have planned for the last ten years, and it stands on a knife´s edge.

The strategy that I have planned, and has been set into motion with the people that use my ideas, is forced remigration.

This has to be done in the most humane way, but it is necessary to do it not to lose Europe as a continent.

Do the math, if this continues, Europe will be finished as a livable area. It will be full of mass crime acts, and the societies that we have now will crumble.

These are the stakes. So we can either accept that, and do something about it, or reject it and cease as a society.

It reminds me a lot about the migrations that came form Northern Europe that finished the Roman Empire.

The major obstacle we are running into now is the complete rejection of African countries in taking their citizens back. A pretty peculiar understanding of international law.

The migrants in Europe are not members of any European state, but members of African states, so there is where they belong.

We do not need these people, and we do not want them.

As I have said before, it comes down to lethal force. Is the European Union ready to use lethal force or not.

If not, it will fall, if, it will prevail.

It is as simple as that.

G-d bless the will to be honest and realistic about the awful challenges we face.

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