Ok, now the plan for a possible reform has been finished and send into the EU system. If the commission wants to speed up the process, I know there are ways to do this.

Please consider this. The whole system is almost falling apart, and we need action immideatly.

There are a vast numbers of difficulties for at reform of the EU. As you can see under weaknesses in the attached application. So, making a reform now is almost impossible, we need to be sharp on the ball.

But, that is the way it is.

Now, we from the conservative opposition to the EU have been very critical towards the whole project for a number of reasons, valid reasons. But to counter the critical stance, one also needs to be constructive.

So this is us being constructive.

There are many issues to consider, some of them already presented here on the blog. But there are many more.

I hope we can get the ball running, and we need start the game as fast a possible.

Link to appication file: Draft 3.0

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