True humanism

A lot of the problems that is in the world right now, is due to shortsighted politics. Especially the humanists of different colors are not realistic about the challenges that face the world at large, and especially the western world.

I am a humanist, not only am I a humanist, I think I would define myself as priest of humanism.

I believe in it, I have traced its roots all the way back over the Medicis to Egypt.

This is what I do, carry on the light of the Egyptian sun worshipers.

So, why am I termed as a right wing populist by many humanists?

To me, it is because I am a true believer, and thus do see things in a much more complex light.

The core of humanism is not the care of people or the nature, it is the will to be enlightened. The uncompromising search for truth.

Why? Because as the ancients say, the truth and the light are the same.

Spreading light is being true where there were no truth before.

Why is this so important? Because the humane decisions you want to take, can only be taken if they are based on realistic assessment of a situation.

Take the fight against islam. We could have fought all islam, but that would have been unfair to many muslims. At the other hand, we need to fight those who burn down our cities.

So, based on a thorough analysis of islam. I defined the enemy as islamists, that is political muslims. The other muslims were accepted and even supported.

This is a way of enlightenment, the solution to a difficult problem is based on a true understanding of the subject matter.

The same goes for the problems we have with migration. This is an even worse dilemma.

At one hand, if we do not help, these people will suffer. But if we help them by giving them a free pass to Europe, most Europeans will suffer.

Since our primary interest lie with the citizens of Europe, we must prioritize them.

Add to this, we need to be serious about the magnitude of the problem. The amount of people of the world are sky rocketing, it can only end up in a huge fight.

So we need to be ready for that, and serious about it.

That is the long term goal.

We cannot just give away our ressources now when we need them the most.

This is a dilemma with no winners, and the explosion that is in the horizon is getting larger and larger.

So we need to honest about this.

The humanist answer to a problem is then not just to think about the here and now, but based on a thorough analysis of the problem find the MOST humane solution.

Just before ragnarok, there are no simple easy answers, only terrible ones. And not doing anything, is the worst you can do for everybody.

But humanism prevails, if it is done in a true manner, it even is the only solution to the problems we face, because it will give us the least amount of pain, all of us.

G-d bless the will to be true about the mayhem that we are trying to avoid.

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