Minorities vs. Civil rights

When I grew up in place called Avedøre Stationsby, I grew up with the consequences of minority ideas made up byt the Frankfurterschool.

My mom married a nice guy from Bangladesh, but he left her, so she was a divorcee in a rough neighborhood.

This neighborhood was full of “minorities”, people from the Middle East, Northern Africa, and a lot poor Danes.

To be honest, this was not nice, it was full of drugs, people having psychological problems and general discomfort. There were nice things here and there, but you just couldn’t trust people where I grew up.

Then I moved to place called Vesterbro in Copenhagen. A part of the city a bit like my old neighborhood, but still with very few migrants.

There was a different vibe in Vesterbro, yes there were poor people and a lot of crime. But we took care of each other, and though the kids were rough, there were still limits. We even had a nice place for the young adults, where they could make music, and be the tough kids with the deep understanding of the street as a fair but tough environment to grow up in.

Then Vesterbro started to change, and look more and more like Avedøre Stationsby. It became darker. A lot of the people that migrated to Vesterbro from muslim countries really hated the West, and started abusing the young girls, and treating everybody very terribly.

This made me see, that there was something wrong.

Then the Mohamad cartoon crisis came, and the muslim world went crazy on Denmark.

You can argue about the validity of the angriness, but seen from my point of view, it was unfair. We had done nothing to treat the muslim world badly, and the reaction was unproportioned.

I had been minted a philosopher just a year before the incident, and had had very little success.

So, this was my chance I thought.

Knowing that migration is not necessarily a blessing. I stated thinking about what to do, where the weak points were, and the general lay out of the land in terms of academic understanding.

That lead me understand, that there was a whole level missing in our understanding of minorities.

Being a minority myself, in many ways actually, I could see, that the priority we were given left something very important in the equation. The whole basis of the democratic state was missing.

I mean, you could be a minority and hate Democracy, and still be protected. You could be a criminal, a demagogue, hate Jews or gays, but having a status as minority gave you a possibility to do whatever you wanted.

That was wrong, it is still wrong.

So, I thought about it, and concluded, that if there were Muslims who did not accept or were loyal to Democracy and the rule of law, their status as a minority where forfeit.

That is fair. If you do not respect or accept Human rights, including the respect Democratic law, you are an obvious threat to the state.

So, we starting fighting The Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and so on.

At the other hand. I tried to instill the respect for the virtues of Democracy and the rule of law in ourselves. Fighting for Democracy was good, but we need to have faith ourselves as well.

So I supported rev. Martin Luther Kings Civil rights movement. Here was a good man, trying to bring people together and not sow discord. He wanted to build a platform, and make people dream of a better world.

To me, Civil rights are above minority rule.

Because minority preference is essentially white supremacy thinking. I am sorry, but that is the way it is. The minorities are the helpless blacks or gays and so on, and the whites are the good people helping the poor blacks.

That is not equality, that is supremacy. Just in new clothing.

Just because you are black or gay, it doesn’t mean you need help. I mean, I do actually work ok myself. I can fend for myself.

What I think minorities really need is not preferential treatment, but respect. I think we need to be treated like everybody else, because we are like everybody else.

I think that the presidency of Mr. Barack Obama essentially proved that.

He is not white, but he did good, and we need to stop prioritizing minorities, and just respect them.

Then we need to see, that those who really lost in this minority preference were the poor white guys.

They missed the train, and now they need some help getting on their feet as well.

I say this not as a white guys, because I am not. But because this is what civil rights is about. Helping, sharing, trying to be your brothers keeper, not looking at the skin of people, but who they are.

G-d bless the will to support a world, where we are together and not separated.

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