The middle ground

Listen, it is easy to win this election, if we only realize one basic premise of winning elections; elections are won on the middle, not on the fringes. It also reflects the fact, that the greatest part of the election are not running around in rebel gear and shouting slogans, they work in a respectable business, send their kids to school, and collect their older parents at family reunion at thanksgiving. It is called the middle class.

To win this election we need to find the middle ground and the middle class.

I know that the most natural reaction with an opponent as mr. Trump would be to swing all the way to the left, at pitch a fight there. But remember, the electorate did not elect mr. Sanders, they elected ms. Clinton, so they want a middle leaning politics.

This does not imply that we cannot we very idealistic on some points, talking about Wall street. But we need to be realistic about central challenges that we are meeting,

One of them the threat of radical Islam. Mr. Trump has chosen a right wing position that I do not condone. Remember in Europe, I am seen as conservative. I have fought radical Islam for a long, long time. But it has always been with an eye to keeping an equilibrium.

That is why we talk about “Islamic state” and not ALL muslims. This is a balance point between those muslims who are loyal to our democracy and those who are fighting our democracy.

With this Barack and I caught the middle ground on that issue and kept it.

With the rise of Islamism in the world, and also in the US, it does not take much imagination to realize that we need a balanced take on the issue to win. There might be another attack between here and the final election day, and if people see us condoning or supporting that in any way, we are toast.

So we need to fight Islamism, and support democratic muslims.

This reflects the stance we have on the international coalition that we are leading in the Middle East, so if we do not do that, we will loose the leadership we currently hold on fighting one of the most important fights on the globe. Another thing we simply cannot afford, especially with the problems we are having with mr. Putin,( thank you Vladimir for your patience).

So we need to find the middle ground on the issue of Islamism, and not waver when it comes to defending our vulnerable minorities as gays, Christian, and Yazidi.

Remember how IS hunted these poor people up in the mountain to die?

The same will happen in Europe and the US if we are not vigilant.


G-d bless the will to be simple and honest in our way.

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