Talking about the Middle class, lets talk about the relationship between the middle class and production.

You see, today healthy middle class existence rests on the ability of the production environment to create jobs.

As we see in Detroit, motor city, where all the healthy middle class jobs are tied to the factories. No factories no middle class, factories; middle class.

There is nothing revolutionary about that, it is just the way things are. There is a revolution in the fact, that we fight for democracy, but still let us not forget all those boring people who live day by day, going back and forth to their jobs, serving loyally their company, creating wealth for the entire society.

What has happened to these jobs? They have gone to China.

That is the base of the problems facing most of the classical democratic voters, namely; the workers.

We are talking about honest to G-d people who serve with diligence their community, who take their kids to football, and cooks dinner at home.

These are the people that we are fighting over.

There is one central point that will win them over, and that is; get the jobs back from China.

How do you do that? First of all, it is about supporting that part of the industry that is still patriotic. Who care about the local communities, who have the honour to serve the country also.

They may not be so boastful, and they do not talk about all the good they have done, they just do it. They are truly the lifeblood of industrial America, talk with them, and make them comfortable to the fact, that they can and will support the old U.S. of A.

Secondly be clear about the challenge of China, you need to tackle it. I support free trade, because that is how business evolve over the long time. But free trade should work both ways, if China puts up all kinds of restrictions to our goods, then that is a problem we need to talk about. Perhaps cooling the down a bit and restrict as they restrict.

But at the bottom line, we should be realistic about the chances of an international fight with them.

If we are at war with, them, having half our production made by them is a very bad idea.

So start pulling production out of China by telling, very loudly to the American business men, all businessmen, that having things done in China is high risk, because in five years time, you may bomb the productions facility, so it is better getting out now.

G-d bless the peace we have to find at the end of the China confrontation.

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