Southern borders

Ok, there is one last point I think is important to bring up this early in the election; the pressure on the southern front.

We need to tackle this problem, we cannot just ignore it. If we do that it will just grow and grow out of control. People have a right to be heard.

Lets cut to the facts. The Americans some refer to as “white”, I do not like putting race labels on people. But those who see themselves as classic American citizens, they are loosing jobs and security due to migration.

I know that that is hard to talk about, and difficult to tackle, but that is the way it is. As a consequence they are thinking about voting for mr. Trump. That is the way it is.

So, at its core, it is actually not a problem of race that is beneath the frustration. It is a problem of insecurity and social derangement.

Things that are pretty scary, and needs to be tackled.

There is one problem however, there is nothing in a socialist ideology that is for borders. Marx thought that all workers should unite all around the globe.

Well, at the end of the day, American workers are not so keen on the idea after all. How do we go about thinking about that then?

Well, we need to discuss it at the base. The base of Marxist thinking is Sparta, the ancient greek city-state that Marx thought as the ideal of his commune.

If we look at Lycurgus, the philosophical founder of Sparta, there was one thing he was very, very specific about, and that was the fact, that Sparta should be hermetically closed. Not international, national.

He argued, that a commune will only work if people actually know each other.

He was right about that. The basic downfall of all communist societies has been two things, that it was not stable, but too open, and that it got corrupted over time (another thing Marx overlooked in Sparta, Sparta was about justice, that is law).

Ok, enough of the lecturing. There is an argument for closing the borders, that is actually socialist, and that is, that in order to to have communal welfare or Obamacare, we need to shut the system to some degree. That does not mean shut it completely, but we have to control it, in order to make it work.

You may have to build walls, but other less dramatic solutions can do as well.

But we have to realise, that Trump is right at this point, and then make a remedy that is humane.

G-d bless the will to be realistic in a very difficult situation.

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