After the convention there will be a next bump, and that will be the release of news on some morally questionable things done by someone in the party.

Well, if you have done something wrong, the worst thing you can do is to ignore it or defend yourself on a basis that is unfounded.

We need to listen to what the accusations are, and act accordingly.

We may have to sever ties to some who are working against us, in terms of ethics.

You see, the USA is based on one single value, that is tested again and again, and should be tested. It is the true medication for a sovereign democracy, it is symbolised by the statue of freedom that is at the helm of New York.

That burning flame, kept alive by desperate philosophers and young heirs to our glorious democracy, is called the flame of truth.

It is by putting that flame at the forefront of our sight that we keep the nation sound and safe.

If there are perhaps someone who may have done something morally questionable, it is the right and the privilege for all who are true enlighteners to put forth those questions.

Sometimes in vain. But if put out with the truth at morality as the purpose, it will cleanse our democracy.

What if you have done something wrong, then what do you do? You admit it, and then try to correct your wrongdoings.

A bad person has no sense of morality, a good person will listen and try to remedy. Noone is perfect, we are all sinners to some degree. So failing is ok, but not doing anything about it, is not ok.

So let us see what the present to us, accept the reprimand, and be happy about it. Criticism is what makes us better persons. To be criticised gives us the opportunity to realign our actions so that they may become more aligned to the truth and justice.

G-d bless the willingness to accept criticism and do something about it.

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