The President

The congress is scared about one thing; do you Mr. Trump disentangle the democratic process. They have, honest to say, something to put that fear in. The first hundred days were mostly executive orders, and they have not recovered from that yet.

What you experience, is the first backlash after the first hundred days. Now, after the first hundred days, there is a new phase. That is the phase of being presidential. You can get less through, and you need to focus more on foreign policy.

Leave them alone a bit. I do not say, that you should stop the prosecution of the paedophilic rings, on contrary, if it is really true that peadophilia is rampant in some upper class circles, no excuse is enough. It has to be trampled out, as did his eminence pope Francis. It is disgusting, and I have your back the whole way on this issue.

Then there is the discussion on how to be presidential. You have it in you, you proved that at the Poland speech. That was not only a little presidential, it was an amazing feat, worthy some of the best American speeches over the years. You know my stance on the EU, and I really support you here. The EU is no good news.

But back to the art of being presidential. It is like this. The democratic institution is made of three parts. The lower house, the House of Representatives. The upper house, the Senate. The presidential institution, you.

These three parts of the democratic system reflects three parts of the society namely the people (lower house), the aristocracy (the upper house), the king (the president). There is a lot of fancy smancy theories behind this system, but the point that is important for you, is the fact, that you are ideally the king.

That is really all there is about being presidential, you need to act like a king. Now, what would that be then?

A king is, ideally, the servant of the people. He tries to understand the needs of the people, and enact it. But there is more to it, he is also the embodiment of the law. That being, in the case of the US, the constitution. You are supposed to be perfect in your understanding and respect for the law. This is where people are afraid, do you respect the constitution or not.

So in order to win over the House and the Senate, what you need to do, is to study the constitution, reflect on it, and then act from that perspective. For instance, is freedom of speech endangered? Your job is to make sure it does not happen. Is the integrity of the state at danger, fight that danger and so on.

It is not a matter of your way of speaking, it is about the values of the constitution. Do you protect them, no, do your fight for them, in the morning, in foreign policy, in media, in the streets. DO you care for the freedom of the American people. If you do, you will be accepted, nay, hailed as the best president in a long time. Reagan did just that. Stood up for Democracy against Communism. You have your challenges ahead of you, you have to find a way to tackle them, on the sound basis of the best constitution the world has right now; the American Constitution.

G-d bless the United States of America.

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