Dear mr. Trump, it seems to me, that the trouble of governing such a huge country as the U.S. is a more daunting task than you realised in the first place.

It is, I remember the first phase of mr. Obama and my work. It was the same, trouble, difficulty in getting things through congress and so on.

But, you do have a few tricks up your own sleeve, and I will give you one really good one here.

There is one tool, that you still have not used in foreign policy; your attention.

I will give you an example. When Bruce Springsteen campaigned along Barack, he did not like it that much. I really like Bruce Springsteen, but Barack and Bruce did not connect that well. So Mr. Springsteen felt kind of off beat.

What did Barack do? He took him on one of his flights on Air force One. A rare treat, Barack did that for a very few people. That helped, they caught each others attention, and from there on Mr. Springsteen campaigned very well.

The same thing goes on in foreign policy, and in domestic policy for that matter. You can, by giving attention to people you want to draw closer to the U.S. strengthen the diplomatic bonds. It works, and it gives the U.S. some leverage over the political scene.

One of the things Mr. Putin was really angry about was the fact that you did not visit him, for instance.

But, this is a way to forge alliances with different powers around the world. For you it actually has payed off with your visit to Saudi Arabia, that gave the U.S a precious ally. The sword dance may have been a little awkward, but it worked.

Take India, we actually have a pretty good chance of drawing them closer to us. This makes sense, since we are in an open conflict with China. So you could go to India, and see if you could draw them closer. That would increase the pressure on China.

As for Mr. Putin, he really deserves a visit too, in my eyes, he stood up for you for a long time.

Anyway, that is not for me to decide, I just try to give you the tools you need to succeed. Right now we need to box in China, and so we need to make friends with their enemies and not get too much in the crosshairs of their allies.

It is actually also a lot of fun to visit countries, I think. But I have always really liked travelling, so maybe that is just my taste.

But anyway, you can use your presence and attention as a tool in statemanscraft. Box in China, make friends with the countries around China, and you have a better base to fight from

G-d bless the will to be strong in a difficult situation.

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