Making America great again

Well, well done Mr. President, you stood up to what you believed in, and called off North Koreas game. I am proud of you, well done.

This is difficult in a situation, where you have so many against you. But, the fact of the matter is, that there will be hellfire raining down on our enemies. That is the way it will be.

If we look at the comparative strengths and weaknesses of the China debacle. We are strong on fighting power, IF we amass all our troops. And we are weak in cyberspace.

The Chinese have been developing their spooknetworks for a long time, and are better than we are in this area.

This gives us a disadvantage in the realm of networkcontrolled munitions, communication and so on.

I believe it is pretty obvious, that we need a plan B, if the Chinese manage to shut down our networks, GPS systems and so on. And we need a weapon to take down their networks, if possible.

But that is all in a bit of future.

Right now, there is North Korea. We need to realise, that there is no such thing as a Iran solution. It is really not in our interest, and they are far more geeky than the Iranians. The Iranians were angry because we did not recognise them as a civilisation. The North Koreans are just a Chinese proxy that continues the fight that the Russians have stopped.

For fifty years they have sought to undermine our leadership and strength. They are almost there, and this is really a last call of action. We need to realise this, we have our backs against the wall, and if China succeeds with their ambition, they will not treat us well, there are too many grievances.

So we need to fight them down, on our own terms.

Actually things are shaping up, I don’t know if we have a deal going on with India, but they are actually with us, and thank G-d for that. That is sent from heaven, G-d bless them. This is a blessed occurrence.

Anyway, we still need to think about our troops and strengths. We need to build a league against China/North Korea.

We will not have the Russians with us, but we will have them with us in another theatre of war, that of the war against the Islamists.

The strategy I built with Obama, was to fight two menaces at once, giving a boost to our collected enterprise.

We fought the IS, because they are a menace, and we supplied, built up the economy and so on, in preparation to the fight with China.

The fight with IS was supposed to boost the morale, and create a network of allies. This is still holding, and it will continue in Europe.

So we have a leading role in both Asia and in Europe.

Our European allies need our leadership in the fight against IS in Europe, and as a consequence, they will follow us on China as well.

See the double strategy?

Bottom line, what we need to do now, is to make plans for an invasion of North Korea and China, see where it leads us. They need to know that we are serious about this.

At the other hand, we need to make deals with NATO both on the China conflict, but more importantly on IS in Europe.

It is hell over here, car crashing every day in France, UK and Sweden, that is a mess, even though they are not part of NATO.

But these tandem preparations should be done openly, and effectively.

We also need to rethink our engagement in Afghanistan, we need those troops in other places.

But the next half a year is a phase of preparations. We need to get the huge military machine into high alert, and get them to be ready.

This is it, gentlemen. The first fight of Mr. Trump, and that is going to make America great again.

G-d bless, and keep safe.

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