Being neutral to all sides, to the best of my ability

It is really difficult how to embrace both Mr. Trump and the Democratic Party plus all the supports of the ladder.

On one hand, I am a truly loyal person, I do not jump from party to party, and I never will. I suppose I am also a good friend, or at least, I really try my best.

But the thing is, BOTH mr. Trump AND the Democratic Party really needs my support, and has a claim on it.

Add to this the problem, that the world is at a very dangerous crossroads in terms of military development, everybody really needs me.

So, I truly hope, that you do not see my support of any of you as a rejection of the other political part. But a practical and necessary thing to do.

I will try, to the very best of my limited ability to be a serious and really good friend to both parties.

We are talking about a potential nuclear war coming up, that needs the best we can all give. This is very dangerous, but we will prevail.

G-d bless you all, and I truly hope you see, that help is for all who truly needs it and come with an open mind.

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