The Russians

Now I am doing something completely stupid, and totally unfair.

A month ago, the Russians tried to blame all world calamity on the Jews, some sort of half-baked story about Khazarians Jews, and so on.

Ok, there is always a bit of fire in a cloud of rumors, but seriously? All of Jews, including the conservative Jews who has stood by the Russians all the time?

So, in a sense the Russians do not deserve what I am doing now, but I will do it anyway, because paradoxically, the new Jews are not the Jews, but the Russians.

Since we the jews are contributing, serving, helping the world to a better path, I suppose someone else need to fill the role as scapegoat and take the blame for peoples own problems.

Let is be honest about all this antirussianism. It is not founded in anything serious. Yes, Mr. Putin saved Krim, but Krim WANTED to be a part of Russia. They are Russians, and there has been no rebellion in Krim. The only rebellion there has been, has been in the Ukraine areas, that ALSO want to be a part of Russia.

There may be some spying and killing, but apart from that, that is honestly going on all the time, Russia do not deserve the role they have ended up in.

Look at the actions on ground, it is not fair.

We Jews know what it is to be a scapegoat, and we have learned to fight it. Often with devastating results, both on the Jewish side as well as on the attacking side. Take Nazi Germany, or the evil Haman of Persia.

This is not something Russia is used to, so they do not know what to do.

Well, my advise is to be absolutely honest, and then start doing good things. Help here and there, share, show the world, that you are not the bad guys.

And for the rest of the world, there can be peace, if we see through our own prejudice, and start communicating instead of just pointing fingers. We can find peace.

There are not true interests in between Russia and the West, just psychological games that we play with our selves.

Why don’t we focus on the real problems instead of those who, at the moment, do not seem to be able to defend themselves.

And Russia, in this moment of danger, please remember who came to your rescue, the Jews did.

Because you were treated unfairly.

And off cause, Denmark.

G-d bless the will to see things as they are.

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