Foreign policy

Mr. Trump, let me first, commend you for the things that you have done, and I should have done a long time ago. The crackdown on illegal migration, the rearmament of the troops and pushing the allies to take more responsibility.

This has come a long way down.

So, at the same time, let me continue supporting you in another area, because that is really something that I have done a lot of work with.

Foreign policy.

The greatest challenge you have here, is the fact, that the US is sandwiched in between two major threats, on the East the islamists, that is essentially the Muslim Brotherhood, and on the West China.

These two threats you need to tackle forcefully. But then that is where it gets difficult.

In the Obama era, what we did was actually focusing on the threat from the East, the islamists and preparing the offensive to the West. So in a sense we have not been trying to screw (sorry for the wording) the next president, but make a foundation to build upon.

This foundation is now pretty solid, all the economic factors are in the green, and the military is in pretty good shape. New weapons are under development and so you can actually fight due to the fact, that you have guns to do that with.

I know that we mothballed some of the big cruisers, but that was important to save up some ressources for the big finale.

So, there is one thing I need to recommend, that builds on some of the recommendations that I gave you previously.

That of being friends.

Mr. Bush was pretty good at that, he kind of supported the leadership with his Texas charm. He was really a good friend.

But he was also not a friend to his enemies. Them he fought pretty hard.

So that is perhaps an add on to the advice I gave you in the beginning of your presidentship. Be mean to your enemies, and a good friend to your friends.

Then the next obvious question is; who are your friends?

On the East, you know who your friends are, but I think you have perhaps overlooked the source of the animosity that we have there; The Muslim Brotherhood.

These are really the ideologues behind a lot of the problems we have in the West right now. They are the source of Wahhabism, Erdogan, IS, almost the overthrow of Egypt. That is a sunnimuslim organization from Egypt, that is the true enemy.

The shiites, are, for now, not fighting us, but are focusing on making a show of force in the Middle East.

Off cause this threatens another friend, Israel, so that is a complication.

So, if you look at it from that perspective, then Egypt is actually a key ally in the Middle East, because they are fighting The Muslim Brotherhood.

At the other side of the US, there are some pretty tough enemies. First when you targeted North Korea, it didn’t make much sense to me, but I can see, that in targeting the proxy of China, you challenge China. When China looses credibility, you get stronger.

But that does not make you unaware of the real problem.

Now, to my mind, it is good to challenge China economically. It has the added effect of signalling to the American businessmen, all businessmen, that China is not a place to produce anything.

But, it will end up in a warm conflict. I know you do not wish that, but war is just politics gone from one level of conflict to the other.

There are some good parallels in history, one is the fight between Rome and Phoenicia. Rome challenging Phoenicia for domination in the Mediterranean.

These wars tend to get pretty ugly. So the sooner you start the fight, the less will there be of slaughter. The more you linger, the fiercer the fighting will be.

But two world powers fighting for hegemony is a brutal thing.

If I were you, I would try to understand the mechanism of the Chinese war machine.

Let me give you an example that has been roaming my mind for a long time.

There is this amazing tv series about an alien race that attacks earth. What they do, is to infiltrate all our computers, and then, instead of fighting us, they simply turned all our military gear off. Like a switch.

Air fighters stopped in mid air, battle cruisers were switched off and so on.

But the heroes of the story, and old-fashioned battle star cruiser had, conservatively held on to “old-fashioned” concepts of no connection to the internet, keeping men steering the battle cruiser and so on.

So when all other tech was turned off, they still were operational.

See where I am going with this?

In essence, fighting China should include at least a backup plan of old-fashioned bomber-planes that can steer with maps and not use GPS.

The threat of a take over of all our tech by infiltration should be prevented.

We already had a bit of taste of it, when the Chinese hackers hacked our navy. That scared the s… out of our generals.

I hope that the countermeasures have been implanted, otherwise, I would let heads role in that account.

We NEED to be ready.

In Rome, there was an old statesman in the Senate, that used to end his talk with a; “what about the Phoenicians” for many years.

He, singlehandedly, forced the Romans to be ready. Now, that is my job, I suppose.

So, the war is coming, and you will better get ready. Otherwise, all our expensive ships and planes will just be switched off one day. And that will be the end of the US.

But, if you remain vigilant and ready for the fight, and then fight it with all your heart when it comes, you will win.

G-d bless the force of the US.

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