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There is a great disturbance in the spirit of the world, at least this is how I feel it. The conflict between the Sunni lead Muslim brotherhood and Europe is getting more and more intense, and the rethorics is harsh. The ideas and the methods I have put in place is slowly turning the conflict away from all out war into controlled handling, but still, the stakes are so high, and the problems so severe, that whatever we do, it will be bloody.

On the international scene, the Muslim Brotherhood have had a great victory in the carving out of a sharia state in Iraq/Syria. This is a set back, but, at the other hand, it was expected that after the loss in Egypt, they would do something to rectify the situation. Now they have a territory at their disposal, where they can resupply and organize without the scrutiny of the West or other enemies.

At the other hand, the strategy has one great minus; it makes the end result or the aim of the Muslim brothers quite clear to the world; it is not some kind of democracy they want, they want a Muslim kingdom based on Muslim law and Muslim values. No democracy.

This may be very fine for Muslims who want to live in a kingdom, but for Europe this is absolutely against the will of the majority of the citizens, and absolutely unthinkable.

So the politicians are waking up to a reality, where the pressure from the constituencies are increasing, and the bureaucracy is so into appeasement, and in full flight away from all kinds of responsibility for the nations they serve, that the politicians are almost unable to tackle the situation. There are a few honest attempts here and there. But still no one has realized the full picture. Up to eighty percent of the Muslims living in Europe are in the Islamist camp, and are, as a political consequence of this, rightly viewed as enemies of the democratic states they are living in.

There is only one way to tackle this threat; repatriation. The pro Islamists must leave. This is only fair, because they are enemies to the state they are living in.

Now is this humane? Well it is much better than being killed, and that is the alternative.

As I can see the trends and actions of the bureaucracy and politians, they are kind of warming up to this idea, and they will follow through on it eventually. But the shift of mentality will be slow and grinding.

For me, I cannot control it anymore. Basically it is beyond my reach. I can steer it some, but the forces are so strong and the momentum so forceful that no one can control it anymore, we will just have to see what happens, and hope that the confrontations will not be too bloody, and that the endresult will be a harmonious one.

But the fighting will continue for a long time, due to the simple fact, that the world have become too little for all the mouths to feed, hunger, unemployment, desperation will drive many people to do things.

Hopefully, when the dust settles, we still will have civilization, and we will not just enter another dark age. These are the stakes, and we will survive.

G-d bless the peace we have to find.

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