The world is moving away from my perspective, slowly but consistently. Yes, the readers are still there, and there are movements that I have had the honour to inspire that is moving forth with vigor. But it is going in the wrong direction. The Middle East is embroiled in another bloody war, Europe is not gaining in independence, and the peace process I have been a part of is slowly stopping. I know, that all my readers want this to start again, but the material world is as it is.

I have to change tactics. We have to go back to the drawing board, and rethink the strategy.

Peace is only obtained, if people are satisfied. How are they satisfied? They are satisfied, if they are fulfilled in terms of needs.

The entire world is about giving and taking. The mechanisms that are working in the business of giving and taking, are a bit more complex than what you would superficially believe.

If you want to give something, you have to have something to give. You can only give something to people, if they need it, and you can only give something to people, if they have earned it. Otherwise they will not appreciate it.

Now, there is still one chance, or rather one specific quest I have put to on my shoulders, that has the potential of saving the world. Israel.

Bottom line, Israel is not so villified as it has been. Why? Rav Berg explains it like this; the reason why Jews are so hated and persecuted is because they are often very good at business, art and science. They take a lot of attention, and the balance between the attention we get, and what we give is not in equilibrium.

We get more than we give.

This is what I have actually been doing all along; I have been able to give some to all the friends that Israel have made. Something they all needed. The balance has been made.

As I see it, this is really the only long term strategy for Israel; to be able to keep the giving, and thereby keep up the balance.

There are wars we cannot be part of, but if we stay on course, and participate in the world affairs on a fair basis. We can actually be the bridge between too little and too much.

We have seen it in action, and we should pursue this course in the interest of what Israel really stands for; peace.

G-d bless the will if spirit in our humble lives.

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