There is a certain tremor in the American economy. The momentum we created in the election is passing out, this will tell the observant reader one thing; the economical development has to be induced into the academic world.

To be realistic about the economical process we have started, we need to understand these ideas in a philosophical as well as a practical sense.

Most economical theories are supported and passed on to new generations of scholars, politicians, businessmen through education and political ideas. Like Keynesian ideas, or the ideas of Adam smith.

As we see in the metaphysical area, where I have the fortitude of being invited to Oxford, I hereby pledge the economical academic work to do the same. We need the ideas to be a part of day to day discussion and be passed on to new generations and good servicemen. Please remember that I have a very limited budget.

Adam Smith saw the equilibrium of ethics on one hand combined with free markets on the other.

To reach a balance between the two principles, we need to teach both principles in academia.

G-d bless the will to be wise in the field of economics.

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