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There is a certain tremor in the American economy. The momentum we created in the election is passing out, this will tell the observant reader one thing; the economical development has to be induced into the academic world. To be realistic about the economical process we have started, we need to understand these ideas in […]

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Turning to economy, remember, the initial theory we first embarked our long journey with. It is based on Adam Smith, and the idea is the best there is out there in the fields of economy. We need to make the West have a come back, not only because of your legacy, but because the world […]

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International trade

We need to understand the ideas of Adam Smith to forge a new transatlantic system of economic solidarity. First of all, it is all about the ability to share the wealth. The idea is, that the wealth we create in unison is a bit like a synergistic movement. Small entities are only able to produce […]

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November 8th, 2012 3 comments

From when we first put our longboats into the sea, have we been traders. Traders of fur, traders of coin, traders of commerce. Time has honed this skill to an almost perfect method containing transactions through immensely advanced systems of computing, satellite controlled navigation and radio transferred pay. But it all started with that longboat […]

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August 8th, 2012 No comments

To really understand the debt crisis, one has to understand the background of the crisis. There are several principles at work here. The most basic is the corruption of democracy. According to Plato (and many other contemporary philosophers) the backside of the shining coin of democracy is corruption. There are several methods to stop the […]

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