appleTurning to economy, remember, the initial theory we first embarked our long journey with. It is based on Adam Smith, and the idea is the best there is out there in the fields of economy. We need to make the West have a come back, not only because of your legacy, but because the world needs it.

It is simple. Production is what really matters. The quality and the quantity of the production is what gives a country its riches.

Use this bit of wisdom to change and remake the American economy.

There can be many ways to shift the focus from Keynesian economy to Trier economy. But as there are many roads to Rome, there are many ways to enhance production.

First of all, there are the companies that already produces things in China. As Apple. Apple has moved back a great part of its production already, and are probably going to move as much back as possible. Since Apple is a leader in industry, you may use Apples example as a good sign, and ask people to follow it.

Now there is the problem of Detroit. I know it is almost impossible to mend, and probably there are so much debt and structural deficiencies, that it is difficult to mend. Well, the solution is simple. Ask people to move to places where there are jobs to find. Instead of using a lot of resources on a city that is already broken, build new cities on new production.

Then there is the tax break idea, still, that is a good one. Find more ideas, just focus on production, and America will be saved.

G-d bless the bold and the honest.

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