AbrahamEgypt is on a new course. The elected president Mr. Morsi is ousted and a new regime of generals are in place. Now, is that good or bad. Definitely good I would say. As most Egyptians feel, the Muslim Brotherhood did not think of all when they put in their new system, but thought only about themselves. Now, Christianity is about the faith of the loving and the kind. Judaism is about the care of all nations around the world. Islam is about the care of love and fight for justice.

These three religions are all powered by the covenant Abraham did with G-d when he was in Babylon. This is about love, not hate.

Now, this is the fault of The Muslim Brotherhood. As a jew, with respect for the creed of Judaism, I do not say this to further the cause of Israel in the sense of territorial gain, but in the holy mission we as jews have; to enlighten the nations of the world.

If the people of all three religions do not follow the covenant that Abraham did with spirit, then how can they say that they are men of spirit? It is a promise to keep, not to waste in senseless violence.

So, as I see it, the generals did what was good for Egypt, and I hope to see a constitution worthy of all Egyptians.

Now, looking a little further, there is a lot of trouble ahead of Egypt. The people of Egypt are too many, and the economy is not well. First step I believe would be to calm the country, get The Muslim Brotherhood on board, and give them something to do: Draft a constitution with their good influence in the upper house. This is where they are rightfully due to sit, according to the ideas of Babylon, where Abraham did the covenant.

Then there is the support of Morsi by Mr. Barack Obama. Listen, this is not right. An organization that openly persecute Christians, that hate Jews, and are definitely egoistic in their understanding of their own place is not a viable partner. Yes I know they have been a partner in Washington, but if you really want good partners in Egypt, well you have the Christians, you have the liberals, the socialists, the military. All are actually more in line with your own ideas than The Muslim Brotherhood. Everybody knows this, so you lose your credibility if you do not stay true to your own ideas.

Change is about democratic development, this is what you promised, this is what you should give Egypt. Promises are easy to make, and hard to fulfill, but you are judged, in history on your ability to keep your promises.

Then, just at few words on Mr. John Kerry. Basically I really, really like that guy. He is honest, persistent, a true hero. But he has one flaw; when he gets into the fight, he will not stop until he either falls of the horse, or he is victorious.

Now, concerning the Palestinian/Israeli discussions. These are just proxy conflicts. Hezbollah are proxies of Iran. Hamas are proxies of Qatar and The Muslim Brotherhood.

Peace talk are meaningless unless you solve the basic problem; that of warmongering of the hawks of either Iran and The Muslim Brotherhood.

This is what we have achieved in Iran, and, but total struck of luck in Egypt.

The hawks have lost, and the doves are at power. This is the true basis of peace. Use this, and forget about Hamas. They will stop their fighting as soon as there are no one to back them. Abbas as well.

Israelis are not the problem. Hamas is not the problem. Hezbollah is not the problem. Ahmadinjad was, and the backers of Morsi was.

You are not a hawk, you are a dove. So your natural allies are the other doves, not the hawks.

G-d bless the peace we are striving for, day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.

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