prayerA very important part of communication with spirit is prayer. Most who believe in G-d do pray. Some a little some a lot. But do we really know why we do it, pray that is?

Some do it to understand the spirit, to be closer to spirit or to be heard.

There is a beginning of prayer. A place where it all started. According to some of the lost texts, Egyptians were the first to start praying. According to Egyptian understanding of G-d. G-d is, as Anaxagoras explains, and I have found a prove for; mind, or intelligence. Behind the material existence, there is mind or an intelligence that is all-encompassing.

Now, we come from that intelligence, and we return to the intelligence. But when we are here in the material world, we are able to communicate with the intelligence, and that is called prayer.

Now, what do we do? Again, it is interesting to follow the ideas of the original inventors of praying. They tried to look as much as the intelligence, they shaved their heads, wore special robes and so on. They more or less tried to be mind. This was the beginning of the oracles.

Originally prayer was a way to foresee future events.

Now, my experience with prayer is a little different. I am not, personally good at foreseeing things. In some matters yes, but that is more in the effect of using history to understand the future. Not a G-d given ability to understand it.

But, I do personally have another use of prayer. It gives me the ability to be honest to myself. It is a way to find truth both in what I write for you guys here on the blog and in my books, and for myself.

I constantly pray for guidance. This guidance is honestly a beautiful path of redemption. Since I started it, my life is much, much better and it is a constant source of problem fixing and crisis solving.

What I do is not visualization or contemplation. I write. I give myself questions, and then I let myself answer. But I do it by opening up to the spirit.

It works absolutely fine.

Now. What is prayer for you? Often being spiritual is a path of beauty and goodness, and if you choose it. You might need guidance. That is really what prayer is. It is the ability to access a fine and thin channel to G-d and ask him for guidance. Some are stronger than other. But we are all heard.

G-d bless the truth we should strive for.

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