Ra picThe land of Egypt is ancient, it developed much of what we take for granted today; religion, science, politics, musical theory, psychology and much much more.

At its present state it is but a shadow of its former self. Grinded down through millennia of abuse and mismanagement.

It started with Ptolemy really. He streamlined the system that the Egyptians made themselves to bring riches to his marvel; Alexandria. It was an aquard moment in Egyptian history. On one side Alexandria was a beacon of knowledge, but at the same time. The peasants, the real Egyptians suffered immensely.

It is still written vividly in my memory the suffering and the desperation the once so proud Egyptians tried to rebel, but was, at that time too weak.

Now, this is more or less, the first time since then, that Egypt is once again free.

Use it to be what you used to be. Not that everything that was should be renewed, but the rich history of Egypt is something to cherish and be proud of.

We here in the West have saved a lot of the ancient ideas and texts, in both our religion and in science. But, rightfully it is the heritage of Egypt.

Here is a small text, that, for long, has been a bit of a “founding text” of my own. It is about Egypt and the riches we have lost now, and might refind again if we are strong and courageous enough.


Pure philosophy is spiritual striving
through constant contemplation
to attain True Knowledge
of Atum the One-God
But, speaking now in prophecy,
I say that in times to come,
no one will pursue philosophy
with single-mindedness
and purity of heart.
Those with a grudging
and ungenerous temperament
will try and prevent men discovering
the priceless gift of immortality.
Philosophy will become confused,
making it hard to comprehend.
It will be corrupted
by spurious speculation.
It will be entangled with
bewildering sciences
like arithmetic, music and geometry.

The student of pure philosophy
studies the sciences,
not as fanciful theories,
but as a devotion to Atum-
because the reveal a universe
perfectly ordered by the power of numbers;
because measuring the depth of the sea
and forces of fire
and magnitudes of physical things
leads to a reverent awe
at the Creator´s skill and wisdom;
because the mysteries of music
bear witness to the unsurpassed talent
of the Supreme Artist
who has beautifully harmonized
all things into a single Whole,
suffused with sweet melodies.

To simply love Atum in thought
with singleness of heart,
and to follow the goodness of his will-
this is philosophy,
unsullied with intrusive cravings
for pointless opinions.
But I foresee that, in times to come,
clever intellectuals
will mislead the minds of men,
turning them away from pure philosophy.
It will be taught that
our sacred devotion was ineffectual
and the heart-felt piety
and assiduous service
with which Egyptians honour Atum
was a waste without reward.

Egypt is an image of the heavens,
and the whole Cosmos dwells here,
in this its sanctuary
but the gods will desert the earth
and return the heaven,
abandoning this land
that was once the home of spirituality.
Egypt will be forsaken and desolate,
bereft of the presence of the gods.
It will be overrun by foreigners,
who will neglects our sacred ways.
This holy land of temples and shrines
will be filled with corpses and funerals.
The sacred Nile will be swollen with blood,
and her waters will rise,
utterly fouled with gore.

Does this make you weep?
There is worse to follow.

This land,
that was the spiritual teacher
to all humankind,
which loved the gods with such devotion
that they deigned to sojourn
here on earth
this land will exceed all others in cruelty.
The dead will far outnumber the living,
and the survivors
will be known as Egyptians
by their language alone,
but in their actions
they will be like men of another race.
O Egypt!
Nothing will remain of your religion
but an empty tale,
which even your own children
will not believe.
Nothing will be left
to tell of you wisdom
but old graven stones.

Men will be weary of life,
and will cease seeing the universe.
As worthy of reverent wonder.
Spirituality, the greatest of all blessings,
will be threatened with extinction,
and believed a burned to be scorned.
The world will no longer be loved
as an incomparable work of Atum;
A glorious monument
to his Primal Goodness;
an instrument of the Divine Will
to evoke veneration
and praise in the beholder.

Egypt will be widowed.
Even sacred voice will be silenced.
Darkness will be preferred to light.
No eyes will raise to heaven.
The pure will be thought insane
and the impure will be honored as wise.
The madman will be believed brave,
and the wicked esteemed as good.
Knowledge of the immortal soul
will be laughed and denied.
No reverent words worthy of heaven
will be heard or believed.

So I, Thrice-Great Hermes (Thoth)
the first of men
to attain All-Knowledge,
have inscribed the secrets of the gods,
in sacred symbol and holy hieroglyphs,
on these stone tablets,
which I have concealed
for a future world
that may seek our sacred wisdom.

Through all-seeing Mind,
I myself have been the witness
of the invisible things of Heaven,
and through contemplation
come to Knowledge of the Truth.
This knowing I have set down in these

(Corpus Hermeticum)

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