Well, after the election, I realize that I have done a huge fault. I should have supported you in the aftermath. I was just so sick of all the politicking and really wanted to do something else, then came the new job and so on. I am sorry, my mistake. I should have kept focus.

Now, I have done a little though, and some of it should, by now give us the desired edge. We need to make a home run, a slam dunk, a beautifully finished hole in one.

Now, It seems to me, that McCain is on a winning streak again. The old maverick has placed himself between the very conservative and we. That is the exactly the position we can use to get things going. We need to make a business plan with him, and preferably Mitt Romney, he is a good business man.

Now, Boehner, is an a.., sorry for the spelling. He is basically an old racist, and his motives are clouded at best, and at worst… well.

So we need to work around him. Do not trust him, he will do anything in his powers to fool you or tackle you.

But, we need to counter his criticism. Now he has criticized you with lack of creativity. Nothing new he says. Well, focus on industry and production is new, but it might have been a bit in the background to really understand the meaning of the idea.

Well, give him something creative. The tax decrease based on loyalty to the country, to American companies is still an awesome idea. I do not say it is the only thing, but it is definitely creative and new. Give him that. If the conservatives want tax decrease. Well here they have an opportunity, don’t they?

Next, there is the ability of your voice to the public. This is much more important. You can use tax deduction and this and that. But basically it is about faith. People need to hear the importance of supporting their country. This is really the basic baseline of your presidency. Use your political capital to spur people to follow the industry leaders example, and move back good American jobs to America. You accused Romney of being “outsourcing expert”, well I suppose this makes you insourcing expert.

Do that, and it will follow the themes you made your election campaign on.

G-d bless the land of the yearning and bold.

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