babylon_smallI love Brazil, it has been a lifelong companionship. I travelled there in my early twenties the first time, and has watched it slowly decline into corruption and chaos. It is such a shame, and I really believe that something should be done to change the direction of the country. Now, the problem for Brazil is the fact, that most people do not understand why things are deteriorating. It is like watching a slow black and white movie where the end is ticking closer and closer and Charlie Chaplin is moving more and more frantic to stop and walk another way.

But it is impossible to change the pace of the movie, if the direction is unclear.

Therefor, let me please entertain all my Brazilian friends with a little jewel of insight.

You see, the system that Brazil is endowed with now is what we deem and define as a democracy or a republic. The way it is functioning is defined by men like Voltaire, Plato, Socrates and Isocrates.

The ideas come from Babylon and other Assyrian cities long forgotten. Hammurabi coined the first state based on the rule of law, and the whole system slowly evolved through millennia. It is called the theory of polices, since it was town states that was in Assyria; Nineveh, Ur, Babylon and Eden. Eden still remembered mythically in the Bible, Babylon as well.

Now, we all know the story about the tower of Babylon. In the bible it is told that a huge tower was built in the centre of Babylon. To be precise it is what they called a Ziggurat, a temple of the local deity. But the liberal philosophy in the city made a chaotic situation, in the end no one could speak to each other, because nobody understood each other. This is corruption, the same as in Brazil, and many other political nations around the globe.

Brazil has become the tower of Babylon. Everything is chaos, because there are no respect for the virtues of the nation.

Now, this is a very conservative view. And to be honest, I myself have long hair, and love to dance samba. So how can such a person call for conservatism to be installed and be the cure for the chaos of Brazil? Well, as I see it, conservatism is not about all the rules and the regulations, it is about the respect for fellow men. It is about the honesty of a person in the face of corruption. It is about the discipline of each person to respect the law and not engage in the shady deals of corridors. It is about family and friends. It is about ethics. It is about doing something good in this life. It is about love.

This is the role of the church. It has its roots in the change or the solution Abraham found when he tried to overcome the problems of the Babylonian chaos. He realized, that only through love may we overcome the differences between ourselves and the other.

Hammurabi, the man behind the law, saw law as a protector of the weak. This is the core of law. It is not about control, it is about protection of the little man, of the weak child, of the dispossessed og the old women in the favelas.

Take this, use it, to rebuild the foundations of Brazil, to make it more just, honest, loving and simple. In the spirit Abraham, Hammurabi and all the other inventors of your system that is ailing and is not well.

G-d bless the spirit of the Brazilians in their fight for justice and love.

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