Russia and the Christians

I really appreciate the fact that the great Rus are entering into a serious support of the Christian minorities in the Middle East. As the Russian have a lot of experience with the clashes and the conflicts that might arise in the differences between the two faiths; Christianity and Islam – it is good to see that someone cares.

It is not that the Americans do not care, they do, but a more just world, with as many good people working in the right direction the better the world will be.

There are many problems these days in the Middle East, in Syria, in Egypt, in Lebanon and in Turkey.

The Arab spring has left the Christian minorities vulnerable.

Action should be provided for those who are in need. But, and this is important I believe, in coordination with the Americans, so that the effort is not seen as an aggressive move, but really as a positive and serious move in the interest of the Christians, they need it, honestly and consistently.

There is an interesting and painful process going on in the Orthodox world, where the catholics and the orthodox are getting closer, this is good for all. The more we learn from each other, the more we are in love, the more we actually fulfill the covenant with spirit.

G-d bless the courageous Rus.

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