Economy and immigration

The American economy is the most important point of interest right now. There are several issues that came as a result of the election, but the economy is the most important, because the effect of a bad economy is really devastating to the American nation, and not just a superficial problem.

Now, there are other issues, these are very difficult to get through. Basically because the opposition is too strong. This is especially true when it comes to immigration reform. This is difficult. If I were you, I would focus on the points you can get through. Like the naturalization of law-abiding immigrants who are actively working for the country. There are many of them. What you need to do, is the find a way to define who they are.

The most precise is law. If an immigrant have broken the law, they are not the best material for Americans to work with. I mean the American have always fought and worked hard to make a living on the right side of the law, new immigrants should do the same.

Then there is the spirit of the country. All new Americans should swear to serve the country, this should not be superficial but a deep and honest conviction. You need to see them be serious about this.

There should also be a time where they can lose their citizenship, if they are not honest to the law. If they break the law the day after they receive their citizenship, obviously they are not respectful of it.

Then there is the economy.

It is difficult. The Republicans are against you, just because they do not like the immigration reform and the very liberal issues you put forth.

I will ponder and discuss the issue on the blog, but it will not be easy.

The first idea however is an idea that might break some of the gridlock. You need to give them an offer they cannot refuse. If the offer is absolutely within their own political frame, and, at the same time really strengthen the American economy, well you are good to go.

They are very much into tax reduction. Well, the problem is, that they are addressing the problem in a wrong way.

Today the problem is not freedom of the individual businessman, it is the responsibility of the businessman.

Giving them more incentive, will not strengthen the economy, because the effect will not be more industry in America, they will just move the production somewhere else.

The responsibility of the individual businessman to the nation is what is important and should be the way forward for a politician who values responsibility and ethics.

You see Keynes did something he should not have done. He prescribed a medication to the economy that makes the entire system dysfunctional. The way it works is quite simple. One side of the political spectrum calls for more freedom, the other side of the spectrum calls for more responsibility.

Keynes did not understand this, he did not read his Adam Smith keenly enough. So he gave the social democrats a solution that was also based on more economic freedom, that is pumping money into the economy. So the system stopped working, we got too much freedom.

What we need is for us to take responsibility.

Now, the liberal businessmen, like the Apple folks, and the Facebook guys. They buy into the support of their country.

You cannot make everybody work the right way. But you can make your friends work the right way.

But, still we need the Republicans to see the wisdom of the presented principles, and they therefore need to be educated by someone. Maybe McCain, he could do it, he is an honest guy, I like him.

But, there is only one we, we need to be persistent, on and on, new ideas, we need to turn the boat.

G-d bless America.

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