Ok, this is it. I think I have the idea that might break the gridlock. If the Republicans insist on tax breaks. Give them a tax break that will follow in the lines of your policy, and in theirs at the same time. A win win offer.

You see, we need to support the factories and the businesses that support the nation. How do we do that? We propose a patriotic tax break. That is a tax break that is focused on the companies that produce things in America. Preferably owned by American citizens.

Patriotism is in the blood of the Republicans, and combining that with a tax reduction, they get more than they asked for.

They could simply not say no to that. They win, we win.

Then add to this a progressive investment in R & D, preferably in the natural sciences. And a small-scale Keynesian investment in infrastructure. Then you have made yourself a package.

G-d bless America.

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