International trade

Adam-SmithWe need to understand the ideas of Adam Smith to forge a new transatlantic system of economic solidarity. First of all, it is all about the ability to share the wealth. The idea is, that the wealth we create in unison is a bit like a synergistic movement. Small entities are only able to produce products of a limited quality in mass production, whereas larger, specialized nations are able to produce cheaper and more focused. Like Denmark, we produce pumps to the world market. This brings us a possibility to specialize in a thing, that everybody uses as an item of quality in their households.

Now. There is absolutely no limit to the ingenious production around the world. Countries are allowed to produce whatever they want at the quality it can and will produce.

This is beneficial to all. However, the system relies on the rule of law. If a country somehow steals the ideas of other countries and produce them at a mass scale. All the development and research is put on the shoulders of others.

This is not fair. So in a simple conclusion, all who are members of the international trade community should respect the rights of immaterial work and ideas. If not, the system collapses.

Now; most countries in the West including Russia and the eastern european countries do respect the rules of production, and do not steal the knowledge of anyone else. Yes there is the matter of weapons development, but besides from this, the immaterial rights are respected.

This should form the boundaries of a new trade pact. Because if you play by the rules, you are welcome in the trade system.

Therefor, China, India and other countries that base their economy on counterfeit, should be excluded until they are matured in a way so they do not copy everything without asking.

Add to this, I believe, that the wise words of the Pope, should be heeded. He believes, that trade is counterbalanced by ethics and the humanity of each and every man. This is correct. The aim of a free trading zone is not to have only freedom, but it is to bring the wealth of each and every nation in a positive development, so that people are able to feed themselves and put clothes on the shoulders of their small children.

Poverty is because of lack of material wealth, production and trade brings the means to the countries so that they have the ability to do things, buy things and produce what they need.

G-d bless the wisdom of the traders of the world.

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