There is a great problem with Mr. Erdogan and his handling of the pro republic demonstrators. Yes of cause there is a limit to the challenges to the power of the state, but it seems to me, that the demonstration has been met with too much violence, and some of the means are out of bounds. I mean, we are witnessing a red line in Syria because of limited use of chemical weapons. In Turkey Erdogan uses acid in the water cannons. At the same time we are supposed to be on the same side.

The problem of Erdogan is a focus on Islam in the more political sense. What people call “creeping Islamization”. There is absolutely no problem in an individual belief, and in the faith in G-d. But when you want to change the system from a western style republic to an islamic state. This development cannot be supported by all who believe in democracy. I mean Turkey has been a democracy since the first world war, and if it is changed now, we will not have the ability to redemocradize Turkey. In other words, seen from the perspective of the West; it is going in the wrong direction.

Not all options are lost, but we are in the same dilemma as in all the other countries we are seeing, and supporting in the Arab spring; in reality we are in a competition with the Islamists.

I believe, that we should see what is coming, and not all is lost. But I do also deeply believe, that Erdogan should rein in, and stop his unduly and too aggressive conduct towards people who do share the same ideals as we in the West. The people he is targeting are our allies in the ideological sense.

But, let us see, and wait a bit, to see if he can change.

G-d bless the right and the fighter for freedom.

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