To do good

There has been a lot of discussion on the Wealtfarestate and the problems this part of the country is in. 

Let me clear, more money is not the answer. Already it is extremely expensive. What will work however, is the ATTITUDE towards the wealthfarestate. 

The basic problem with the wealthfarestate is firstly a widespread demoralization. Secondly it is the priority. The wealthfarestate is, in principle, for all. But in a society where all needs more and more. One needs to prioritize. 

The prioritization needs to be founded in something. 

The philosophical challenge to the current socialist wealthfarestate, is that it does not make sense. 

Marx idea was to copy the principles of Sparta. But he did not understand Sparta, and he did not respect the sage wisdom of the founder of Sparta, Lycurgus. 

Lycurgus was quite clear about the constitution of Sparta. It was to make Sparta a completely closed state. Because he knew, that an open state could not carry the community. 

Sparta was also extremely ideological, it was FOR law. So it did have virtue as a basic motor. 

If we look at the current wealthfarestate with this in mind. We can see that in order to make it work we need two things;

1. A principle to drive it.

2. A realistic set of borders to guard the frame of the wealthfarestate. 

My idea, written in the book ‘The Freestate’, is to go back to the principle that Marx left, that of Hegel. To Hegel a nation was inspired by the grace of spirit. ‘Gott mitt uns’ as the saying was in Germany. This works. We can see it in hospitals where doctors work for the grace of goodness and spirit. We can see it in the schools, where good teachers has a calling. We can see it in the way a spiritual system PRIORITIZES the resources. It goes to the ones who needs it the most. 

This should be the guiding star of a renewed discussion on wealthfare. Who needs it. And lest not forget. Help is only good, if it makes the person that get the help selfreliant. 

As the venerable Pope Francis said. The communists stole the flag of the church. Well, let us steal it back. 

G-d bless the United Kingdom, and may it prevail in these difficult times.      

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