The danger

As the conflicts with the islamists are on the rise, the measures to use against them must meet the challenge they pose. 

If it is truly is an act of terrorism burning down the sky scraper of London, well, the true horror of the foe is fully revealed. We saw it in Syria with the Yazidi girls, Christians being persecuted and other atrocities. But we are not that used to it in our own homes. 

What we did see however, were the sheer and incredible bravery of the firefighters. Such resilience in a dangerous situation. Conflict brings both the worst and the best up in us. 

There will be more, but we will NOT sheer away from trouble. We will meet it, again and again as the heroes we are when we meet such incredible danger. 

We will never surrender, never. 

G-d bless the city of London, and may it prevail in such difficult times. 

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