Now, there is a hung parliament. This is very unusual for British politics, but in Denmark, this is the way it works. 

It is like this. A PM for a coalition, will have to serve the entire coalition. That is really the difficult thing. Because a PM from one party has to include the most important parts of other parties as well. This craves an extremely competent politician, the PM has to be extremely good at making all parts of the coalition happy.

The trick is to take the best qualities of each party, and strengthen them. Add to this, a look on where the common interest is, and then you make an alliance. 

It is fair enough if you cannot get everything through in a hung parliament, because the votes are not there for it. 

In the case with the cooperation between DUP and the Tories, the common ground is pretty obvious. Hard Brexit, security, and a common interest in strengthening the British Union. 

Since DUP is more conservative than the Tories, they will, as a consequence draw the Tories to the right. This has a lot of implications for the Brexit talk, the cat is already out of the bag, as we see it. 

The way forward would be, to sit down and make a new deal with DUP on Brexit, and see where that will get the negotiation. By mathematical logic, it will mean at much harder Brexit than the one David Davies wanted to negotiate. But that is the way with a hung parliament, parties need to feel they get a part of the negotiations in relations to their size. 

Tories is the big party, but in order to compromise, DUP needs to get a few things in as well. 

It can be done, but it will require a lot of discussion to find a solution. 

At the end of the day, a good compromise could be to accept the open borders in Ireland and then go for harder borders to France. That would probably satisfy DUP. 

The great question is; what about the EU citizens in the UK. But not only that, what about all the foreigners in the UK.

In a difficult security situation, one needs to be sure that the citizens in the country are actually loyal to the system. The amount of serious malcontents are very high, and as a consequence these malcontents needs to go back to their own country. This will be the end of the matter. I know that it will be difficult to set in motion now. But the mechanics of war will eventually lead to that result if we want it or not. That is the wisdom of Thucydides, the classic Athenian historian. 

So, in order to prepare for the next few years, we need to get the Brexit talks over as fast as possible, and then start tackling the terror as fast as possible. 

If we get control over the borders, we then have a chance at actually securing the process to happen orderly and done by the state. 

Difficult times indeed, but we CAN do it. 

G-d bless Ms. May, and may she prevail.

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