The situation in Ukraine is slowly turning ugly again. Please do not do the same mistake as Israel have just been done, and rush into another senseless fight. Why do we fight? Is it to win? To gain territory? To entrust the public with a sense of justice of security? There is no winning scenario in Ukraine. If the fighting continues, it will just lead to more misery and reduce the peace of the world.

We therefor need to start the talking, Ukraine needs to crawl down from its ultimate demands, and initiate the discussion about a solution.

If we just continue on this course, well there will be nothing more to fight over because people will be dead or the land you are fighting over will be desolate.

Start discussing the endgame, what is it you want. Just revenging will not lead to any solution, and remember you are all Slavs, so why do you fight?

G-d bless a peaceful solution.

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