Ok, to understand the current strategical situation, please let me explain some of the basics of what I have been teaching over the last five years and has changed the basics of warfare.

Soviet strategy was far beyond western warfare. Despite being seriously outnumbered and extremely weak when it came to economics, Russia, and the soviets in general managed to conduct at very, very efficient war against the west. Something we still have not totally recovered from.

What did they do? They used, unscrupulously, the new science of psychology. When they wanted to turn a country, a set of very precisely defined stages was conducted. First they used the cultural and political life to demoralize the target. Think the anti atomic bomb movement for instance, what was that good for. The soviets of cause.

Then they infiltrated media in a very cunning way, used communist and socialist groups to demoralize the target country, by assigning them specific tasks, and supporting any movements that was in their favor.

One of the great successes of the Soviet Union was to garner a tremendous in country resistance against the Vietnam war. So spooks in the US worked against their own countries. Thereby giving the Vietnamese an easy victory. They fought very well, but had it not been for the psychological mind games KGB played with the American public, they would have lost.

So, this is the point, it is all about mind games for the soviets.

Enter Hamas, who were very well tought by KGB, they used to be an asset of KGB, and there you have it. Another pawn playing mind games.

So whenever there was a confrontation with Israel, Israel began thinking in terms of defending the country, and feeling the urge to “get back” at Hamas, thereby giving them all the opportunities to portray Israel as a villain. Not that Israel is perfect, but there is no comparison between the immoral Palestinians and just Jews, who are regular westerners with an oriental twist.

So basically the Palestinians have taunted Israel for a long time, giving small wounds. Why? To force Israel to retaliate. Because in the retaliation it could depict Israel as a villain.

Why did Hamas built all the tunnels IN Gaza. Because they have been planning to lure Israel into a confrontation Vietnam style. They do not have the weaponry to defy Israel in a head to head confrontation, but guerrilla war they have.

So what do we do? We counter their strengths with our own strengths, and we use our own strengths with skill.

So the Palestinians are trying to find a “victory picture”. This is our weakness, we therefor need to make absolutely sure it does not happen. That means, super professional conduct in Gaza, no, absolutely no disciplinary faults. Then it means drawing out if it gets too hot. After all the true strength of ours is not in warfare, but diplomatic playing. We have the entire world for us, if we just do not blunder into stupid traps.

The war Hamas wants to fight is a guerrilla war, so they will try to drag us into this trap. We will win absolutely nothing from going into the traps. Yes we might destroy a few rockets, but the true victory lies in getting all of the world against them. Something we have worked on for a very long time.

Then we need to relay very precise information to the press regarding the ground operation. Hamas will be looking with all their might for a picture that will turn the war. We need to make sure, if they have a good picture, that we can describe the situation absolutely precisely. What happened, who were in the situation, and so on.

This is all I can do to help, but be sharp, you just voluntarily walked into a trap, and if you do not get out, you will die. Not just Israel, but young Jews as well as Palestinians.

G-d bless the wise and the cunning.

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