If we do not control the onslaught of IDF, we will be at the rear position. Hamas will only need one good picture, and the entire war effort will be theirs. To really beat an enemy, you need to understand how they think. Hamas are Cold War fighters. They fight in soviet style. That is manipulation with media, trying to demoralize the enemy. So if Israel just see it as a territorial war with aim to reduce the fighting power of Hamas, we are only looking at a small part of the scheme.

It is all about media.

Add to this the fact that Hamas power is not solely embedded in Gaza, fighting them only there will not really help. We need to see it in a much broader perspective.

As the situation stands, it is like this. The Arabs are tired of Hamas, they wish for peace and process. The wise Persians wish for peace, and the peace process to succeed, so much is invested. Then there is the Americans, the Russians, all the churches and not to mention me.

So the entire system is ready for peace, and this is the problem for Hamas and for Isil. They need chaos.

In the past Israel was stopped in its progress, why. Because of lack of luck in the fight in the media.

So we need to keep an eye on that fight. If we get just one bad picture it is over. And look at it this way. If we win the battle in the media, the Arabs will stop funding Hamas, and the. They are gone!

Without too much bloodshed we can stop Hamas. But if we get involved I the tit for tat revenge system, we loose all the progress we ha e made. It took us years to get this far, and everything is balancing on the very, very sharp edge of a knife. Be careful, and please instead of just using the might of your arm, use that sling of David. Because only with the sling can we win.

G-d bless the beautiful dream of Yesrael.

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