What will happen is, more or less like this;  after a few days with rising civilian casualties, the positive support for Israel that we did make after we commenced a careful bombs only campaign will falter. It will take two to three days. What will be the determining factor will be the amounts of civilian casualties. So the Palestinians will do everything they can to photoshop, put a horde of small girls in front of us and so on. Eventually they will get their picture, and it will turn the tide.

Remember it is about the moral high ground. We are supposed to hold that.

If and when that happens. We will lose. If we lose, it will be a major setback for the entire effort against Islamism. I will also lead to demoralization, the shame of the current presidency, and a weaker voice for the lightbringers.

If we pull out after a few scores, it will show that we can show restraint. This will give us the necessary time to rebuilt the confidence lost in the current ground offensive.

It is a contest on ethics, and when we lose the moral high ground, we lose the ground game.

The material world is like this; it will call its siren song to us, and if we heed it, we will be sucked into the maw. Right now it is sucking us in, and if we do not pull out, we will be lost in it for a long, long time. We have to stay afloat, and be sharp on this otherwise we will not reach our destination.

G-d bless the will to be patient.

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