Well, we can now have focus on something else than the conflict in the Middle East. The conflict is progressing, slowly but, to the extent it is possible, humanely.

Ok, it is a war, so people die, that is the way war work, but refraining from killing civilians and trying to keep the general populace out of the war, is definitively the right way to go.

The Gazans in general are as much victims as any civilian population in harms way.

So we need to talk China, because 1. It is a problem. 2. It crawls towards a nuclear, massive war.

What are the general traits we need to look out for.

First of all, it is the fact, that China may be arming up, but China needs soldiers who can actually fight. And Chinese are, essentially, too civilised to be very good fighters. Fighting needs rough, annoying, angry men. Not civilised men armed up in nice Kung Fu garb. It is not, that I do not like Kung Fu, in fact, there are many facets of Chinese culture I like. But a heavy tank, spewing bullets while playing Metallica, is not a match for the refined Chinese. A Viking army, that is the American, is really dangerous, when it gets to it.

You may think that the American army is a piece of tech, and it is, but behind the facade there is a certain affinity for the old Norse g-ds, even though that is a secret, and those g-ds are not nit-picking, they are warriors.

That is the truth of it. China is weak militarily, and will always be.

So we, at the one hand, have this Roman, Norse killing machine, believing in freedom, and at the other hand all the tech of China.

When the showdown is over, we will see, who will come on top.

My worry is just the sheer destruction that it will do. I hope, that we can avoid that, but I am not so certain.

G-d bless the will to find peace, at the end of the inevitable conflict.

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