The Middle East

Ok,so, to understand the strategic situation in the Middle East, we need to truly understand the ethnic make up of the area.

Hamas is not just an Islamic Organization that makes war on Israel, it is a group that is affiliated with the different ethnic groups of the Middle East.

The Middle East is ancient and extremely complex, lets see, if we can unravel some of the complexity to reach some kind of understanding of the issues, at least.

First of all, we need to understand, that Jews are a part of the family of the Middle East, according to my understanding, we Jews are a part Arab and a part Sea Peoples.

Why is this important? Because we Jews are a part of the long history of the Middle East, and we have to find a snug place for us to live in.

The Sea Peoples were ancient sea marauders, that came from the North and made a lot of troubles. There were some ancient kingdoms in the north west of the Middle East, roughly where Iran is today, that were overthrown by these blond marauders some 4 to 5 thousand years ago. This is why, there actuallly is a very deep connection between Iran, Jews, and what we call the northerners still this day today. We are coming from, originally, the same people. Egypt repelled the sea peoples, and they settled in the Mediterranean. That is why we still see a lot of blond Greek, and according to Homer some of the ancient queens were blond.

It goes that deep, we in the West have forgotten, but they have not forgotten in the Middle East.

Arabs are a Semitic people, that are the brethren of the Jews, so we share common ancestry. Jews are in fact a mix between the northern marauders and Arabs.

Today this is formulated in the fact that Iran is a SHIA Muslim country and the Arab countries are SUNNI.

Right, this is in fact a reflection of the ethnic reality of Persia being ethnically different than the Arabs. So, Sunni and Shia fight a lot.

Within the Arab kingdoms, there is the pro western and pro Islamic group. Saudi Arabia is pro Western, Quatar is pro Islamic.

This ties into the connections the Arab countries have to Hamas, since Hamas is a pro Islamic group. Hamas is fighting Israel a SUNNI group, in fact.

This is simplified, I know, that there are a lot of colours in between.

But Qutb, who was a Sunni Muslim Sufi (Usually the leading Sufi scholars are called Qutb), founded an ANTI WESTERN ideology, in Egypt, called the Muslim brother hood, that Hamas is a part of.

This Organization is despised and fought against by the pro western forces of the Middle East, that is Egypt and Saudi Arabia, more or less. And supported by Turkie (I think the new spelling is) and Quatar.

So, Hamas is not just a representative of a people fighting for its freedom, more precisely it is a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood, that is the archenemy of the US.

I mean, this is the fact on the ground.

If we do not see this complexity, we miss out on a lot of the issues that are reigning in the Middle East.

So our friends, the pro western alliance, the Arabs, have proposed, that we repatriate Hamas and the rest of the anti western alliance of Gaza to somewhere else, to kind of end the issue all for once. Because, they want to show solidarity to the West, and keep the peace process going on.

Anyway, these are kind of the things we have to worry about, and some of the factors we have to factor in, to figure out, how to make peace in the Middle East.

G-d bless the peace we will find in the end, G-d bless the will for reconciliation.

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