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The world is stills turning, more or less around the spokes that I have developed over time. In Europe, the rise in center rightism is really gobbling up all the old middle leaning parties. Socialism is, more or less, a saga in Europe right now.

This process was aimed at tackling the downfall of the European Union. It is bound to happen, just take a look at the math.

What is important however, is that we have stable governments after the EU falls.

This reflects the Italian shift of power, the Lega is in my mold, and has made sweeping gains.

Hopefully, this will tackle the awful situation with uncontrolled migration. I hope so, really do.

In ten years time, there will no more Central European bureaucratic divide and conquer politics from Brussels, but a much more loose federation. Hopefully a federation, that will stand on its own two legs, or however many legs there may be.

We will see, but the fact of the matter is, that the Lega will have to deliver on fighting migrant crimes, and on remigration.

This leads to another real war, that will, hopefully not, but maybe, commence in between Italy and the countries that refuse to take back their migrants. This is an act of war. If you send millions of your citizens to colonize another country, then that is an act of war, if you do not want to take them back again.

Italy needs to see it in this way, and force the remigration of migrants from Nigeria and other such countries.

In the years ahead, hopefully other countries will help Italy in their attempt to force the migrants back.

That is the lay of the land.

At the other end of the world, the conflict with China will become hot at some point. This is better to do sooner rather than later.

Bomb out their industrial capabilities.

As of now, they are pretty much just geeks sitting behind computers looking at the world through the lense of a screen. That is pretty easy to beat, but as the Chinese military wing increases in power, the toll of defense investment will be higher, that is an easy equation to make.

So, get on with it, and in ten years time, we will be on the top of the world again. But it will cost us, and that is the price we pay for at neglect in defense expenses and laying our security in the hands of the US only.

The West needs to wake up and take responsibility for its own security needs, and it needs to do it sooner rather than later. The longer we linger, the more the cost will be in terms of life and money.

We come out of the shadow of the Cold War, beaten in terms of moral and faith in ourselves. But still, materially we are sound, so we better get to fighting not for material gain, but to truly survive.

In this process I hope we find our self esteem again, we need to be proud of ourselves again and stand up for our values.

G-d bless the will to be honest and forceful facing the dangers we face.

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