In Europe right now, we are finally waking up to the fact, that we are engaging in a proxy war with some pretty dead enemies.

It is like the zombies are reinventing themselves, and attacking the capitals of Europe.

Let me be honest with you, absolutely honest. The current crisis we have in Europe, is not about racism or white supremacy, it is about the Cold war infowar system that is still active within the European press and academia.

I know that this will probably put me on a few stakes in and around the Liberal media, but that is the way it is.

My father was a Muslim, a wonderful, liberal, intelligent person. He fought in the liberation of his country Bangladesh, in an attempt to make things right.

So this, for me, is not about right wing bigotry, I KNOW that you can be both black in skin and Muslim, and still be standup citizen.

But, and that is where things get hairy, there are some of the migrants who are not such gentlemen as my father. Look at Italy right now, it is overflowing with drugs and the crimerate is skyrocketing.

The media obviously take a moral high ground, they think, painting all the migrants as poor refugees fleeing from war.

Some of the are, my father was one of them, but most are not.

In the cold war, the Soviet Communists turned the media, culture and academia against the country they were living in. They tried to destroy the moral cohesion, the church and so on.

Still these systems linger in the media, but are now, slowly, falling out of fashion. My Credo; to bring Light to Democracy has become the new idea of a media ethos.

So that is good, but what we see when are really looking, is a Europe teetering on the abyss.

So what do we do?

I have worked on the problem for some time in Denmark, and I have already had some experience.

First of all, it is about changing the perspective of politics. We need to see it for what it is.

If people come to Denmark and start rampaging, violating the laws and go amok in an attempt to bring us down using sexual attacks.

Well, then they are enemies.

It is, in essence, not racist to say this. It is the truth.

In many countries, the elite do not dare to challenge the cold war dichotomy that resides in the media, culuture and academia, but are bowing their heads.

But that is over, there is no racism in looking at these problems rationally, that is what we are supposed to to; spread the light.

In Denmark we are very practical, so we have begun the repatriation of the criminals. We are still not very effective, but the political live is doing all that it can. Especially the Socialdemocrats are blazing the way.

We are also targetting the widespread abuse of the social system by migrants. All the money we use on pampering Somalis in Denmark, could be used to a much greater effect in Somalia.

BUT, and that is very, very important, we take our security needs serious. The reform of the security apparatus, that we have made, is aimed at strenghtening the police and the defense.

So now that we are actually taking serious, that we have a lot of IS warriors and IS like ideology flowering in the country, we have the necessary security apparatus to back up our dismantling of these enemies.

Again, it is not all the wellfunctioning foreigners who we are targetting, but the criminals, the islamists and those who abuse our social system.

This process is an important process to get right, so we survive. We are so far out in trouble, that surviving may just be a problem.

G-d bless the will to see these problems as they are, and act accordingly, even though this will be hard.

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