Europe needs to transform from a derelict and abusive entity, to be a servant of the peoples of Europe.

Otherwise, the entirety of Europe will disintegrate into absolute chaos.

Have a look at Bruxelles itself, and see for yourself.

Now that we have mr. Trump in the White house, things will not really progress that much. He is good in internal politics of the US. But foreign policy is not his strength.

Be as it may, therefor Europe needs to wake up of its slumber and start to fight for its independence again.

Look at it this way; we inherited the blessing of freedom from our forefathers, now this blessing has been taken from us again.

We need to take it back, by the strong hands of our men and women of Europe.

How do we do that?

First of all, we need to change our mindset. Instead of looking at the peoples of Europe as a burden that needs to be controlled, we need to change our understanding of ourselves. We need to see ourselves as servants of the people.

What is the overriding need of the peoples of Europe right now; it is security.

We need to give them that. How do we do that?

We do it by first; closing the borders internally as well as externally. The forces in the Mediterranean needs to bolster its defenses, and be given a free rein in turning those refugee boats around. At the same time, we need to put up some kind of protection around the migrants, so that they are not sold to the wolves, maybe give them a ticket home to their home country.

Secondly, we need to strengthen the internal security measures of the police in cooperation with the military. The two forces need to work in tandem. There is some ideas behind this, that I will return to.

Thirdly, we need to tackle the abuse of the social security systems in Europe by migrants. We need to terminate the clientelism of the migrants, and give them two choices, either find a job, or find a country that you can find a job in. Just staying on social wealth-fare is not a option in the long run.

Fourthly, we need to start repatriating criminal foreigners.

With this approach, we have a possibility to give the Europeans some measure of security.

When and if this works, then we can start rebuilding our societies and thereafter take back some of the power we used to hold. Not to colonize and so on, but to keep the peace.

Turn around the boat.

G-d bless the will to be sharp on the priorities of the peoples.

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