The first order of the day would be to commend those brave French forces, whom are now fighting the islamists.

Let us be honest about the challenge we meet in Europe right now. It is off cause a challenge of Democracy. Since the brave French are a harbinger of these true ideas, naturally France is at the forefront of the fight. As they were at the Arab spring, so now they are in France these days, where islamists are roaming about killing innocents. As Roland of ancient poems, French gendarmes and citizens are fighting back!

But let us also be a bit honest about the threat so far. It is not working with politics of symbols, what we need is a full scale investment in gear. We need to up the technical capabilities.

This means one single item, that has been the harbinger of destruction for the foes of Israel, drones or robots.

Let France get this new technology, maybe from the US, a close friend these days, and apply it to the defense of freedom.

Let the gendarmes sing again, on the top of their lungs, of patria, equality, liberty and the rule of law.

Let them, fearlessly, enter the frey, but let them do it armed with the latest of tech.

The courage is not discussable, but let us renew our dedication to the patria. Let us sing again, let us believe in freedom again, let that special French combination of beauty and force be the rule of the day again.

Let us celebrate our lives instead of our deaths, let the ancient heroes be relieved in our memories as the citizens brave the weather and fight for liberty.

G-d bless the life of France.

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