So the Brexit negotiation is again at a standstill. What is really the issue?

Essentially it is the equation that is wrong.

Politics is all about making ends meet. You try to understand the needs of one side, and then the needs of the other side. After then you try to find a compromise.

The problem with the Brexit negotiations is the fact, that Mrs. May has simply sought the wrong equation. In order for the deal to go down as a success in Westminster, the equation is not between the EU and the UK, but between remainers and brexiteers.

What would be a better idea, instead of solving the current crisis is to make a two legged negotiation.

First a negotiation in Westminster, THEN a negotiation with the EU.

Honestly it is a decision made by the british people, so it is their needs that need to be met. See to that, and if the EU does not want to recognize this, then go about your own way.

G-d bless the fair Islands of the British.

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