The fight

There has come a fissure between those on the right that likes Jews, and those on the right, that does not like Jews.

Let me be clear about my idea concerning this issue. If we start fighting each other, then we are all in problems.

I recognize, that some Jews do things that is considered despicable to some. In fact, I agree that many Jews do things that I sincerely dislike.

But that does not give meaning til all out antisemitism. In fact, true antisemitism will just destroy the progress of our cause.

There are plenty of people to chose to hate if that is what we want. Hating Jews just does not make any true sense. Because there is as many worldviews as there are Jews.

So, please, let us focus on the true fight. The fight for a sovereign nation-state with room for those who serve democracy.

G-d bless the will to see the Nation in the right light.

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