From diversity to simplicity

The European Union is in hard difficulties.

There are two possible outcomes of the current crisis, either the EU reforms or it stops as a political project.

The current trajectory makes this pretty clear.

Now, I have no problem with the European Union stopping, my plans are actually going quite well with the reinstatement of the national parliaments.

However, if the EU wants to survive, it has to realize the problems it has created.

What is the aim of a state, seen from a political/philosophical perspective?

It is to make a healthy state.

A healthy state will create progress and strength, an unhealthy state will create chaos and destruction.

But how do we create a healthy state?

Essentially it is about harmony between the limbs of the state.

There are many limbs of a state, but in the case of the EU, it is pretty clear, that the balance we need to look at, is the balance between the nationstates.

How do we ensure that balance.

Essentially the more complex a state is, the more difficulty it will have finding balance.

That is exactly the issue with the current leadership and strategy of the EU. Instead of trying to find order and simplicity, it seeks diversity. That is, it seeks to mix up as many things as possible.

Thereby diminshing the ability to create harmony.

To be honest, that is the essential problem.

Instead of working towards complexity, the EU should work towards simplicity.

It is a bit like feng sui, the ancient Chinese work of house harmony. It aims at simplicity not complexity.

If a structure is simple, it is more healthy, because there are fewer things to balance.

Therefor open borders is not good idea, closed borders is a good idea. Mashing people up is not a good idea, keeping people around other people they look and feel like is a good idea.

The process of simplification and order is therefor the logical process to make.

There is nothing wrong or immoral about it. Off cause such a process should be humane. But diversity should be turned around 180 degrees and be replaced by the quest for simplicity and harmony.

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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