Fighting the Jews

There has been a rise of negative sentiment against Jews in Europe, both on the right as well as the left side of the parliament. 

Let me be frank about this development. If you believe in G-d or not, hating Jews has always been the doom of any empire, while as loving Jews has been a blessing.

The most competent and strong empires have ultimately been overcast by the Jews. Take the Roman Empire, that tried to kill the Jews in Palestine, it ended up as a servant of Jews. 

Take the Greek that met is demise in a grand destructional funeral pyre, fighting the Jews. Take Hitler, take Communism. 

As soon as you target that obuiquotus little people you end up in the dustbin of history. 

That is the collected history of mankind.

If you do not know what Jews are, then perhaps you would see them as evil and scheming. And to be honest, there are many evil and scheming Jews. Or rather we are not always fighting in the open. Often we fight behind the curtains. I admit that.

But if you look at the core of Jewish thought, that of the Kabbalah and the Jewish religion, it is all about loving your neighbour as yourself and trying to make peace.

Now we Jews are not easily swayed around, but we are not stupid either. We know when there is a enemy coming, and we fight it. We are good fighters, very good fighters.

But at the other hand, we are also the most loyal and best friend you can ever have.

We never forget those who help us, never.

So, I believe that all that is tempted at fighting the Jews should truly consider if they are willing to take on an enemy, that has nothing against anybody except those who seek to twart them.

Picking an enemy out of sheer spite and without any sense at all, is not conducive to your fight. It is like picking a fight with that strong guy sitting as an onlooker in a game, instead of fighting your opponent on the court.

It doesn’t make any true sense.

Please consider this, as the conservative movement of Europe arises. 

G-d bless the will to be honest about these things.

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